Success Story

Happy 30th Birthday, WNPJ!

Some highlights for the specific years of 1991, 2001, and 2011:

Frank Boyle, Midge Miller, Fred Risser and Nan Cheney; some of our WNPJ founders


Member Spotlight: Wisconsin Resources Protection Council

Each week WNPJ will highlight the work of one of our member groups.

WNPJ 2013 Lifetime Achievement to Al Gedicks

You did it! WI Representatives dropped the amendment to the WI Vaccination Plan - 1/28

Your calls made a difference this week. You contacted your state Assembly Reps  and the amendment to AB5, the Wisconsin Vaccination Plan was dropped! . 

This amendment would have barred most incarcerated people from being vaccinated before the general public for COVID 19. Allowing this amendment would have ignored that Wisconsin prisons currently have 25 deaths from COVID 19 and over half of the prison population has contracted this disease.

MRSCP Op Ed on Yemen, published in the Cap Times of Madison - Jan 25, 2021

‘Biden should end support for bombing and starvation of Yemen’, by Cassandra Dixon and Barb Olson, members of the WNPJ member group,  Madison-Rafah Sister City Project.

Read the full article here:

Hundreds Call to END Open Burning of PFAS by U.S. Army Jan 25

CSWAB says "thank you" to the 300 individuals and 72 civic, environmental, veterans, and health organizations , including WNPJ,  who added their voices to the call to 

Al Gedicks video presentation on the Back 40 & “A Win for Wetlands”

MARQUETTE, MI, Friday, January 8, 2021 – Regional environmental groups are celebrating the news that a disputed Wetlands Permit for Aquila Resources’ Back Forty sulfide mine has been denied by a Michigan Administrative Law Judge, concluding a two year review of the contested case.

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