WNPJ Member Group Steering Committee April 25

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Sunday, April 25, 2021
1:30 PM - 4:30 pm

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All of us, in our work, contribute in some way to racial justice. But how can we build better connections, make the anti-racist components of our work more intentional, strengthen our work across local boundaries, and become more visible?

We can be stronger when we come together.

We want your voice at the table.

Sunday,  April 25, 1:30 - 4:30 pm 

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WNPJ Steering Committee meeting of Member Organizations

Come help us get started on creative ideas to build a unified effort to address the issues that affect us all.

What we do here will be a beginning and inform WNPJ’s work over the coming year.

Member Organizations: Please send at least one representative to the afternoon WNPJ Steering Committee meeting of Member Organizations and help us embark on this journey. 

We invite prospective member organizations to sit in on the meeting or to join our 30th Anniversary celebration to learn more about WNPJ.

*This is an annual event where our member organizations gather to share reports “from the field”, form a nominating committee for next year's Board, and set the course of WNPJ for the coming year.

We also invite you to attend and share your work at WNPJ’s 30th Anniversary Celebration April 24 at 6:00 pm - especially if you can’t come on April 25. (Short videos will be accepted - or something we can show and read - up to 2 minutes)

30th Anniversary Celebration details

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