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WNPJ member groups have events coming up from July 9th through July 22nd. Check them out here!

The WI Network for Peace and Justice is the umbrella non-profit organization supporting the work of 78 member groups around Wisconsin. Here are Spotlights and events listings for many of our member groups:

SPOTLIGHT on the “Wisconsin Justice Summit”

Saturday, July 22nd *

10 am – 8 pm

First United Methodist Church,

302 Wisconsin Ave. Madison WI

Organized by Building Unity, member group of WNPJ...

Justice activists from all over WI are coming together to forge a strategic plan that will include action for Peace, Justice, Sustainability, and Democracy!

The following leaders have signed on to help guide it so far:

  • Judge Everette Mitchell

  • Rep Francesca Hong

  • Emily Park, 350 Wisconsin

  • Rev. Jerry Folk, Interfaith Peace Working Group

To help us build momentum for the July 22nd Wisconsin Justice Summit, we have launched the Campaign for Love, Unity, and Equity (C.L.U.E.)

Please endorse this campaign and the Wisconsin Justice Summit by going here:

Using our “Flier for All of Us” we are showing up and supporting the actions of our partners in hopes of building powerful movement momentum for the summit on July 22.

Register to take part in the summit by going here:

Share our Facebook Event:

Visit and share this Summit info page:

For more information about how you can help make this Summit an exciting turning point for peace, justice, sustainability and real democracy, call Building Unity at 608-630-3633. Need Madison housing – or can you host in Madison –

call Tim at 608-630-3633,

Learn more about this summer/fall Campaign for Love, Unity, & Equity: C.L.U.E. - upcoming dates of events here:

We are Building Unity! We have the beginnings of a plan for a planet-saving united movement for ALL of us!

· BIPOC/Workers/LGBTQ+/Immigrant/JUSTICE!

· Nonviolence/World Peace Demilitarization

· Climate/Ecological Justice

· Democracy Not Run by Money

· Abortion rights, Body Autonomy

· Equity and Justice for ALL people

· Compassionate, Restorative Justice

· Human Rights, Needs, & Gun Sense - Not Corporate Greed


Note: The WNPJ Spring ’23 Newsletter is now available for your perusal!

We've mailed it to subscribers but is also posted here:


Upcoming Events this week for WNPJ groups:

VIRTUAL Mon Jul 10th 7 - 8:15 pm * 350 WI monthly mtg: "Sun Block: Utility Proposals Darken Rooftop Solar Outlook" with Michael Vickerman. Learn about dangerous proposals that would dampen future customer investments in solar power. VIA ZOOM: Register in advance for the meeting by visiting the website . After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting via computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Michael Vickerman, Clean Energy Deployment Manager for RENEW Wisconsin, will speak to us about Madison Gas and Electric’s and Alliant Energy’s proposals to raise rates and alter net metering for solar customers. For many years, homeowners and businesses have been using the sunlight that falls on their rooftops as a source of electricity. Rooftop solar systems operate in parallel with the utility grid, allowing customers to export energy they don’t use to the utility. A billing mechanism called net metering supports such systems by enabling rooftop solar owners to bank their unused electricity and receive the retail energy credit for the excess energy generated. Learn how you can get involved. MADISON Mon Jul 10, 6 - 7:30 pm ARCATAO SPEAKS OUT, report-back from the MASCP/US El Salvador Sister Cities delegation. Village Cohousing Community,1104 Mound Street. A simple supper will be provided. The delegation met with the Youth Council. Very few people in the 16-30-year-old age range are left in our Madison Arcatao sister city. They have either migrated to Honduras or the US. Having heard family members themselves mourn their missing sons, we are renewed as an organization, realizing the importance of our solidarity. If there were ever a time to get involved and/or donate this is it. We invite you to come and hear our delegates at a brief presentation on July 10." RSVP here: . Learn more at MASCP

MADISON Sat Jul 15th, 10 - 11 am Flash Mob at the Dane County Farmers’ Market - with 350 WI. Capitol Square North Garage, East Mifflin Street. See how Chase customers get turned into puppets on a string, sending money to Chase bankers, who send it on to Big Oil.

Be there when the Chase customers/puppet dancers break free! Check out the amazing costumes, choreography, and street theater organized by 350 Wisconsin’s Art Collective. It’s an event not to miss. Help make the event successful by volunteering to hold banners, hand out leaflets, or help with tabling. Join us at 9:45 am to be on hand for the 10:00 performance. Contact:

MADISON Sat July 15th, 10 am - 4 pm Open House Assembly with Madison Tenant Power! Goodman Community Center, 214 Waubesa Street. Help us build a movement for housing justice led by and for tenants. Whether you are a long-time member of Madison Tenant Power or a tenant interested in shaping the future of renter’s rights in Madison, join us for an all-day forum on our ongoing fight for safe living conditions in Dane County. Lunch provided; masks required. To RSVP, please visit: . More info, visit the Facebook event: . Sent to WNPJ by Madison Infoshop -

MILWAUKEE Sat Jul 15th, 12 noon - 1 pm Peace Action WI Weekly Stand for Peace - Meet at North Sherman Boulevard & West North Avenue. Each week, a different vigil site in Milwaukee. Bring your signs for peace! Questions? Contact Peace Action WI - or see

VERONA Sat Jul 15th 5 - 7 pm 'Congress of Starlings' Concert - with Andrea Bunch and Aerin Tedsco. At the Farley Center, Spring Rose Road. Website: Cost: $15 PAY AT THE DOOR. All proceeds will go to the musicians. Please bring your own chairs and blankets. There will be one of our farmers selling fresh, organic vegetables and Farley Center honey will be available (cash or check only). Perez Produce will be selling tamales ($2.50 each) and cold drinks (cash only).They will also offer tamales by the dozen if you want to pre-order those and they will be ready for pick up from the concert - pre-order at ) We are offering an informational tour with Farley Center Board Member Jeanne Meier at 4:00- one hour before the concert. No charge for the tour. We are also offering a Farley Center Food Forest Tour with ‘ Kalev Kristjuhan/Wisc. Food Forests’ following the concert from 7:00-8:00. No charge for the tour.

MADISON Sun Jul 16th, 11 am "Family Reunion" - Anti-Racist Change & Community Building in Dane County with WILPF, Moms Demand Action and more. Brittingham Park. A gathering to create community, capacity, and change! LET'S CREATE COMMUNITY / CAPACITY / CHANGE. WILPF invites WNPJ to join Families for Justice for a gathering of people and organizations working to create anti-racist change and community in Dane County! Working together, we CAN create community, build capacity, and make change. Bring some food to share (if you're able) and connect with people working on community building and community organizing, co-conspirator/ally education, anti-racist education, school safety, school food justice, abortion rights, and faith group activism. WILPF will provide plates, utensils, and an assortment of beverages. We define “family” very broadly. All people of all ages are welcome! Questions? ******************************************************* If your group would like to get your events posted in the weekly e-bulletin – JOIN US! ********************************************

WNPJ member groups can sign up for a Saturday opportunity to TABLE at the Madison Farmers Market – this Spring and summer at the Capitol Square. The Farmers Market opening date is April 15th – 7 am to 1 pm …and runs through the Fall on Saturdays. Sign up for your spot today! Bring your own table and hand-outs to the King Street corner of the Square, next to the VFP #25 table! Questions? Contact ****************************************

Interested in a yard sign? WNPJ has yard signs available!

See our new Facebook page: "Like" us and follow us!

Special thanks to volunteer Kathy Esposito for her volunteer work putting the WNPJ weekly e-bulletin together!



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