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Urgent Action Alert to Stop Line #5

From 350 WI

Tell the USACE: Don't Take Shortcuts on Line 5!

As far as national treasures go, the Great Lakes rank near the very top - there’s no question that these pristine freshwater lakes are a pillar in the survival of not just our region, but our planet. Every year, access to clean, fresh water diminishes due to drought, lack of rain, pollution, and more. So why would anyone ever gamble with 84% North America’s surface freshwater?

Enbridge, a Canadian multinational oil company with a long track record of highly destructive environmental disasters, and operator of the deteriorating 70-year-old Line 5 pipeline, is doing just that.

As they continue to run a dangerous, outdated tar sands oil pipeline, the company is seeking permission from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to reroute 41 miles of pipeline around the Bad River Band Reservation, where it has been operating illegally for over a decade, threatening tribal sovereignty and treaty rights.

It’s more clear now than ever - if we want the planet to continue to be livable, we have to stop our reliance on fossil fuels. This expansion is not a solution and it’s far past time to #ShutDownLine5.

Click HERE tell the USACE to stop allowing Enbridge to gamble with the Great Lakes, and to conduct the most thorough environmental review possible.

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