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Updates from Building Unity!

BU - Update: 10/3/2023

Imagine: One united movement. All of us. Finding each other and our own special contribution towards building UNITY!

Please print and share this tiny and frequently updated flier. Thank you:

Wisconsin Unity Plan Project Update:

We are Rising UP! We are Building a Unity Plan! Building Unity and partners are pushing forward towards our Fall Unity Summit and other efforts that we are incorporating into a Unity Plan - a plan to create a united movement for Peace, Justice, Sustainability, and Democracy. Go here to view the first draft of this historic Wisconsin Unity Plan: This plan will be ever changing, expanding, and widening the circle of our unity. If you don’t see yourself or your group in this plan, we would love to help you change that. SAVE THE DATE: FALL UNITY SUMMIT - SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2023 The summit will be in Milwaukee. More information coming in our next Building Unity Update and in the weekly Unity Plan Updates. If you’d like to learn more about this exciting project to build a “Unity Plan” for Peace, Justice, Sustainability, and Democracy, please sign up for more information here: There are TWO weekly opportunities to provide your input and ideas towards the creation of the Unity Plan.

  • Wednesdays at 10:30 am, or

  • Thursdays at 6:00 pm.

Zoom Link for both meetings: Meeting ID: 945 9124 9525 Passcode: 514017 Meeting agendas and recent notes are also available for viewing at this shared document: Highlights of the Unity Plan Project so far:

  • To maximize inclusivity, there are 2 wings of the Unity Plan Steering Committee.

  • We picked a date and town for the Fall Unity Summit - 12/2/23 - Milwaukee! More info coming in the weekly Unity Plan Updates. To get these between these monthly Building Unity Updates, sign up here:

  • Action Teams are forming. More people are joining all the time and more people are needed. Call Building Unity at 608-630-3633 to join one of our action teams.

  • We are working to build:

    • a Rapid Response Phone/Text Tree

    • a Letter Writing Team that will help turn out letters to leaders and editors.

    • a number of monthly potluck gatherings around the state that will help us to find ourselves, deepen our connections, and explore solidarity, collaboration, and the power of united action.

    • More information about these and other projects sign up sign up at the link above.


While the Wisconsin Unity Plan Steering Committee is just getting started with our creation of a plan for building a united movement for Peace, Justice, Sustainability, and Democracy, in addition to preparing for our second seasonal “Unity Summit” on December 2, 2023 in Milwaukee, we have approved the following three initial actions:

    1. Building Unity Gatherings to start all over Wisconsin in 2024!

    • Starting in January of 2024, groups of activists, in communities all over Wisconsin will be launching a project called Building Unity Gatherings (BUGs). What better way to begin a movement of movements than to make a time and space where we find each other, deepen our connections, break bread, sing songs, share our knowing that another world is possible. We are the ones that we have been waiting for. Wherever you live, your community could be one of the first to host a monthly Building Unity Gathering. To learn more about how your community can take part in this statewide project, join us for one of the next Building Unity Gathering Introductory Meetings.

  1. Building Unity Rapid Response Phone Tree

  • Outrageous things are happening. It seems that certain lawmakers will stop at nothing to grab power and do all that they can to keep it. Our democracy has been undermined by big money, voter suppression, lies, corruption, and now the threat that the duly elected Justice Janet Protasiewicz could be impeached for no real reason. It is hard to believe the depths that they go to will to hold onto their slipping power. We, the people, are rising and we must not let a those in power continue to erode our democracy. We need to be able to respond quickly and so we are setting up a rapid response phone network. With your help we can build a system that will alert thousands of people when the need arrises. To sign up to place yourself someplace on the phone tree, please fill out this form:

  1. If any concrete moves are made by the Wisconsin State Legislature to Impeach Justice Janet Protasiewicz (or any similar action that undermines our democracy), we will activate our phone tree (please sign up at the link above). We will also send out a call to action using these other forms sharing information:

*** Our call to action will include information about our plan to meet to meet in the WI State Capitol Rotunda between Noon and 6:00 pm on the very next day.

  1. The Letter Writing Team We are creating a team for increasing the number of people writing letters both to editors and to leaders in our government. Sign up to learn more about our letter writing campaign here. For more information call Building Unity at 608-630-3633

Past Action/Events that have been highlighted in the Unity Plan: Upcoming Action/Events Highlighted in the Unity Plan: If your group’s event isn’t listed in this plan, please let us know. We want all of us included in the creation of this plan.

A Few of the Upcoming Holidays:

Building Unity and Partners invite you to save the dates and join us in celebrating the following holidays:

  • Thanksgiving Day - November 23, 2023 - Giving thanks is good. Believing the lies about this holiday and ignoring the true history of the U.S. is very sad and it continues the harm. It is time we face the truth about our history and give thanks that we can work together to make a better history for tomorrow. More about this holiday in our next Building Unity Update in early November.

Whatever holidays you might celebrate, please remember we are a wonderfully diverse land and not everyone celebrates the same holidays. If you’d like to share some information about a holiday that you celebrate, please send information to We’d love to join you in celebration if we can. Thank you.

Stay informed with what is happening in the movement for peace and justice:

Building Unity is proud to be a supporting member of the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice. We encourage all unity building groups to join this network and support it in any way that you can!

Our next meetings: Unity Plan Steering Committee Meetings - Weekly on Wednesdays at 10:30 am or on Thursdays at 6:00 pm. Come when you can. All are welcome! To receive links, agendas, and meeting notes, please sign-up here:

To receive the weekly UP updates that will come out between the monthly BU Updates, please fill out this form:



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