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Transforming Trauma through Dollmaking with Joy First

There is a powerful connection between my work as a peace activist and my work in violence against women. Violence is all around us in the world, and can be seen at the national level in war, socially in the way we interact with others, and individually when any kind of abuse takes place in a family. Sexual violence against women during wartime has been well-documented and is widespread. I am committed to working to stop any kind of violence in the world, whether on an individual, societal, or national level.

On Sept. 7 from 6-8 pm at the Goodman Community Center in Madison, I will host an open house with a presentation at 7:00 titled "Transforming Trauma Through Doll Making". This is a free event and open to the public.

I will be sharing my story of childhood sexual abuse and how I came to where I am today as a survivor and thriver after the hell of my what I went through. I will be sharing how doll making helped me to deal with the trauma and indeed, helped to transform the trauma and pain into beauty and strength. Peace, Joy First


Joy is the contact for 2 WNPJ member groups:



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