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Take Action to Support Public Health in the State Budget!

An Action Alert from WI Faith Voices for Justice

Our public health system is vital to keeping all of us healthy and thriving. Public health officials work to prevent sickness, educate the public on healthy behaviors, advocate for public policies that promote health, and engage in scientific research to determine best practices in health care. In the wake of COVID, we all have experienced first-hand the vital role the public health system plays in prevention, mitigation, education, vaccination to keep us healthy or bring us back to health when we fall ill. Unfortunately, funding for public health has fallen precipitously over the years, nationally and here in Wisconsin. In 2021, Wisconsin ranked 42nd out of 50 states with the lowest state funding for public health , investing only $17 per person in state funds when compared to the median investment of $36/person in state funding nationwide. The Wisconsin Public Health Association (WPHA) and Wisconsin Association of Local Health Department and Boards (WALHDAB) are asking for our help to advocate with our elected officials to provide robust funding in the state budget. Specifically, they are asking for:

  • $18 Million - New Dedicated and Sustained Funding for Local Health Departments

  • $10 Million - Communicable Disease Grants for Local Health Departments

  • $30 Million - Local Grants for Community-Based Organizations and Local/Tribal Health Departments to Address Community-Specific Health Gaps

Importantly, WPHA and WALHDAB are asking the legislature to provide funding as direct grants that will allow each public health department the flexibility to decide for themselves what their local priorities and needs are and to spend the money accordingly, rather than trying a 'one size fits all' approach. Please call or write to your state Senator and Assembly member and urge them to include this funding in the 2023-25 state budget. Find your legislator here. For more information on the WPHA and WALHDAB priorities for Wisconsin, read their one page Budget Priorities 2023-25 and use the information to help craft your message to your legislator. Thank you for taking action to help make a healthier Wisconsin!

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