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SIGN to ground the F-35: new developments

Join us in a growing national and international effort to oppose the F-35 fighter jet program! People from coast to coast in the US and in countries including Canada, Germany, and Australia are coming together in a major effort to GROUND THE F-35.

Locally we are organizing with a number of organizations and working up to a series of activities and action at the end of March. STAY TUNED. We have a crucial opportunity to push back NOW · The DoD is delaying production, potentially for another year, pending a crash investigation and problems creating a testing simulator. · President Biden will be releasing his military budget proposal in the coming months. We want him to exclude the F-35. What you can do right now: · SIGN THE LETTER to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin A little more from CODEPINK:

A couple of weeks ago F-35 fighter jet production was halted pending an investigation into a crash where the pilot was ejected from the aircraft. Now the Dept. of Defense is delaying full-rate production, potentially for another YEAR. This is a win for the people and the planet and bad news for the war profiteers at Lockheed Martin. Basically the DoD is delaying production of the F-35 (again) because Lockheed Martin designed a plane so convoluted that they can't even finish building the testing simulator yet. More problems with the F-35 gives us a crucial opportunity. In the coming months Biden will release his military budget proposal and we want him to exclude the F-35 from his FY2024 plans. The F-35 is a microcosm of the war machine. It's harmful, expensive, bad for the environment, and only benefits a small group of executives at the company that makes them: Lockheed Martin. Oh, and the politicians Lockheed donates to! From your friends in Madison at Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin: Vicki, Brad, Tom, Jane, Lance and so many others



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