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In the News! Letter to the Editor Published:"Drivers licenses for all...."

Mark Peters, faith organizer for Voces de la Frontera and a member of the Dane Sanctuary Coalition Advocacy Committee, had this letter to the editor published in the Milwaukee State Journal. Way to go, Mark!

Until 2007, all Wisconsin residents could obtain driver licenses and state IDs regardless of immigration status. But in the wake of a federal law passed in 2006 limiting the REAL ID to citizens and legal residents, the Wisconsin Legislature passed Act 126 requiring a Social Security number to obtain or renew a license or ID.

With support across party lines from business, community and religious groups, Gov. Tony Evers has twice attempted to restore licenses regardless of status. But he was blocked by Republican leaders.

An estimated 32,000 state residents, many with children who are U.S. citizens, are unable to drive legally to work, school, or the doctor. Immigration and Customs Enforcement targets unlicensed drivers for detention and deportation, separating hundreds of immigrant families.

We all benefit by allowing workers to get to their jobs legally. Our roads are safer through increased driver education and licensure, access to auto insurance and stronger penalties for reckless driving. Drivers licenses for all will provide access to economic opportunities, make families stronger and connect more people to their communities.

As people of faith, this is a moral issue. For citizens, we hope this is a matter of good sense.

Mark Peters, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice



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