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'Gather the Community' Breakfast with WILPF in Madison + Racine Dominicans offer grant opportunities + Madison Transit Equity Day + Ceasefire Action Alerts + other statewide events

Events and Alerts for the week of Feb. 5th. The WI Network for Peace and Justice is the umbrella non-profit organization

supporting the work of 80 member groups around Wisconsin. 


'Gather the Community' Breakfast - with WILPF in Madison

Wednesday, 07 February

08:00 - 09:30 am

107 Sutherland Ct – Linden Co-Housing

Reserve your spot by responding to 

Join us and invite interested friends!

Gather for a homemade buffet breakfast and to talk about: JUST MONEY

$Money to clean up PFAS $Money for family services $Money for modest housing.

Why Not?

Somehow a mighty human invention, money, has been twisted away from human and planetary needs. Eco-systems are being ransacked. Between interest, inflation and taxes, we all are serving the billionaires and fearing the next crash. Fortunately that secret twist has been identified and it is fixable. Our guest speaker, Mary Sanderson, will pinpoint the problem and invite us to work for a historically grounded plan that addresses it directly. She will also introduce vibrant allied projects modeling how money can work for the common good.

The Alliance For JUST MONEY, WILPF’s Women, Money & Democracy Committee, and Move To Amend invite us to challenge corruption and dystopia at their roots.

Mary Sanderson - of Madison WILPF and WNPJ, a Raging Granny, retired postal worker & Spanish Medical interpreter - was feeling like all our peace & justice efforts were just spinning wheels until 2017 when the underlying private money system came to her attention. Money reformers are excited imagining healing futures that will be possible with permanent, debt-free money.

And, of course, there will be good food besides! Vegetarian meal with vegan options upon request. Served in the Cohousing Great Room. RSVP now to reserve a place:

The cost of the breakfast is $20, with a sliding scale of $10 - $20. Funds are used to provide an honorarium to our guest speaker and to further the work of Madison WILPF.

Sponsored by Women's International League for Peace and Freedom – Madison. All are welcome.


***********************************************************lling all Wisconsin-

Forward Community Investments is excited to announce a new strategic granting partnership with long-time partner The Sisters Racine Dominicans offering grants – Application deadline March 30th, 2024:


Spotlight on Madison Area Bus Advocates: Madison Transit Riders Observe Transit Equity Day 2024

 On Monday, Feb. 5, 2024, in honor of Rosa Parks’ Birthday, advocates will gather for a Day of Action on Public Transportation as a Civil Right at the closed bus stop on University Ave. near its intersection with Lake St. at 11:30 AM.

Advocates call for a first-rate transit system with both rapid and local buses that better balance the goals of ridership, coverage, accessibility, environmental sustainability, and organizational efficiency. They call for a transit system with equitable access everywhere, including to infill, old and new peripheral developments. They call for drastic cuts to our emissions of greenhouse gasses and conversion of our economy to renewable non-emitting energy sources.

Public transit is a public service, not a business. Its purpose is to get people where they need to go and should not focus primarily on ridership or profit.

Frequent service without reasonable access to people of all abilities is not transit equity.

BRT service should enhance, rather than be at the expense of, local routes.

More transparency in the budgeting of public transportation.

 We need city, county, state and federal legislation that increases (1) public funding for transit, (2) the accessibility of public transit for people with disabilities, and (3) opportunities for transit-related jobs that pay family-supporting wages, provide good benefits, and give workers the opportunity to organize a union and bargain collectively without employer pressure and intimidation.

Sent to WNPJ by Susan DeVos of the WNPJ member group: 




More ways to act on ceasefire: Check out this Let Kindness Win Blogpost by WNPJ Board member,  Dena Eakles


ACTION ALERT from World BEYOND War Madison:

Please write these WI State Senators to allow this WI bill - Senate Joint Resolution 92 -  to go forward!

....and write your own legislators to co-sponsor! The bill is here, with co-sponsors so far noted.


Example: Hello friends on staff of Senators LeMahieu and Kapenga -I am  writing today as the bloodshed continues in Israel and Palestine. The war needs to end. Would you please allow Senate Joint Resolution 92 to move forward in the Wisconsin Legislature? The resolution is a sensible one, calling for an end to the mass murder that is war.

Over 10,000 children have been killed and half the buildings in Gaza have been damaged or destroyed. Bombing of civilians creates more terrorists than it kills.

Janet Parker, Madison for a World BEYOND War




Upcoming Events this week for WNPJ groups:


MADISON Mon Feb 5, 11:30 am Day of Action on Public Transportation as a Civil Right - at the closed bus stop on University Ave. near its intersection with Lake St. In honor of Rosa Parks’ Birthday. Read more in the Spotlight above…..

MADISON Mon Feb 5, 12 noon – 1 pm Monday Noon Vigil for Peace – Meet at the corner of MLK, Jr. Blvd and Doty St. For more information, call Tim at 608-630-3633.

VIRTUAL Mon Feb 5, 7 – 8:10 pm Climate justice, resident science, and the Chicago Heat Mapping project - with  Join 350 Wisconsin to learn more about the unequal impacts of summer heat on Chicago’s different neighborhoods. 350 Wisconsin is pleased to welcome Lonette Sims, chair of the People’s Response Network (PRN), and Dr. Howard Ehrman, PRN co-founder, to discuss the 2023 Chicago Heat Mapping Project. Working with resident scientists to create a map of localized measurements of temperatures, the project found a differential of 22℉ between different neighborhoods on July 28, 2023. Under-resourced, redlined African American and Latino neighborhoods experienced the most dangerous temperatures, with the greatest concentrations of heat islands and far less green infrastructure or air conditioning. Lonette and Howard will talk about their experiences, give an overview of the project’s key findings and share thoughts about how these findings can be used to save lives. ONLINE VIA ZOOM: 


MADISON – Thurs Feb. 8 , 8 – 9:30 am WILPF Breakfast Gathering – see the Spotlight above…..

VIRTUAL Thurs Feb 8, 12 noon to 12:30 pm WAVE Legislative Advocacy Update; COMMUNITY EVENT. Get status updates on our top priority policies (as well as the ones we must stop!) and the actions you can take over the next few weeks to have the greatest possible impact. We’ll tell you what we’re hearing from the Governor, our friends at the White House, and our closest legislative allies. Register today, and you'll receive a Zoom link the day of the event. Nick Matuszewski  


MADISON Thurs Feb. 8, 7:30 pm 20th Annual Bob Marley Birthday Party and Food Pantry Benefit! Crystal Corner (1302 Williamson St.)  Join us for a community dance party to shake away the winter blues and support Healthy Food for All Dane County. Featuring DJ Kayla Kush, DJ El Serpentine, and the Real Roots Rockers Band. Suggested donation of $5 at the door with a non-perishable food item ($7 without). Plus a raffle with lots of prizes! More info? visit: Sent to WNPJ by Madison Infoshop 


LaCROSSE Thurs Feb 8, 12 noon - 12:30 pm Weekly Women in Black Peace Vigil. Meet at Main St & 4th Street South. A weekly vigil for peace every Thursday. Contact Deborah. 


MIDDLETON Fri Feb 9, 10:30 – 11:30 am Badger Talk: What Does Lake Ice Seasonality Tell Us About Climate Change? -  Attic Angel Community, 8301 Old Sauk Rd. Because human observers have recorded the dates of ice on and ice off on many lakes around the world, lake ice provides a view of what is happening, well before direct climate measurements of temperature were available. In Wisconsin and other states some records began as early as the 1850s. So what do these records tell us? In this Badger Talk Emeritus Prof. John Magnuson, founder of the UW Center for Limnology, will talk about the changes and variability in ice cover in Wisconsin lakes from the 1850s to the present. He will also discuss the value of lake ice to us largely for cultural reasons and as a measure of what is happening to climate. Info?  Sent to WNPJ by Madison Infoshop 


MADISON Sat. Feb. 10, 1 pm STOP THE HATE: BUILD PEOPLE'S UNITY – Rally and March! UW-Madison Library Mall (700 block of State St. This emergency event is in direct response to the neo-Nazi “Blood Tribe” march and attempted recruitment rally that was held in Madison on Nov. 18th, 2023. This same terrorist organization menaced an LGBTQ community event in Watertown last year. These attacks (encouraged by fascist politicians and their corporate bosses) continue to create a climate for hate. Our public institutions and public spaces need to be defended from the likes of the "Blood Tribe,” the "Proud Boys” as well as think tanks like the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation that oppose free thought, truth and diversity, worker's rights, unions, safety laws, healthcare for all, environmental safety and any regulations that infringe on rich people's profits. Join us (and bring your friends, neighbors, fellow students and co-workers) to resist the hate and participate in this proactive action to continue building a stronger, more engaged people's movement in Madison and beyond. More info? Visit Facebook: Sent to WNPJ by Madison Infoshop 



MILWAUKEE Sat Feb 10, 12 noon - 1 pm Peace Action WI - Weekly STAND for PEACE: Each Saturday, a different location. Today meet at Port Washington and Silver Spring. Join us. Bring your signs. 

VIROQUA Sat Feb 10, 11 am - 12 noon Driftless Palestinian Solidarity Weekly Vigil. Meet at Decker and Main. Action Alert: The Driftless Palestinian Solidarity group has a petition to demand that Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson support a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and end financial aid to Israel's military.  If your group is interested in getting signatures, please email Thank you for your help! 

RACINE Sat Feb 10, 12:30 – 1:30 pm Weekly Stand for Peace. 909 Dr Martin Luther King Dr. Supported by the Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice. We have signs, banners and flags available for all. Check out our website,    for weather concerns. Free Palestine!


WNPJ seeking those with special skills......​

If you have the time and interest in Environmental Justice, WNPJ is looking to contract with people able to help with social media, educational zoom events, and ongoing website development. 

As we endeavor to build a strong coalition of Environmental Justice organizations throughout Wisconsin, your help will be invaluable. Interested? If you’re a UW-Madison student, this job may be available through your work-study program.


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