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Action Alert from Voces de la Frontera...

Did you hear the good news? Last night (2/14) Governor Evers gave his state budget address, which included a plan to restore access to driver’s licenses for all Wisconsin residents, REGARDLESS of immigration status. He also included other pro-safe roads initiatives like accessible driver’s education and auto insurance. See the video and transcipt here.

We applaud Governor Evers for listening to our demands and taking action, grassroots organizing works! Here’s what one member, and immigrant essential worker, Hiram Rabadan from Fond du Lac said:

I want to thank Governor Evers for recognizing me, and so many others like me, who just want to be able to drive without the fear that a routine traffic stop could end in my deportation and our family separation. We’ve been fighting for this right, the simple right to drive to work, to school, to the grocery store, etc. for too long. Gov. Evers is recognizing the urgency to finally restore our ability to drive and allow us to fully participate and contribute back to our communities.”

However- This fight isn't over. It is likely that Republicans will challenge the Governor's plan. But, Voces De La Frontera will continue to fight and call on you to join us!

Call your elected officials (click here to find) and let’s make sure this stays in the budget!

Sample Calling Script:

Hello, [state representative’s name]! My name is [name], and I live in [city name].

I strongly support Governor Ever’s plan to restore drivers licenses for all and would like your support. Winning Drivers licenses for all would have a major positive impact on ALL Wisconsinites, such as lower insurance costs for every driver, greater access to gainful employment, and safer roads overall.

[Representative’s name], we are counting on your support and ask that you uphold drivers licenses for all. Thank you for your time.

It’s time to restore drivers licenses for all, once and for all! Si Se Puede!


Alert sent to WNPJ by member group WI Faith Voices for Justice:

Bonnie Margulis <>



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