Personal Stories

As a parent, I'm often trying to think of creative ways to engage my kids in understanding racism, white privilege and power at their levels of learning, always being open to their questions. Our conversations have evolved over time from when they were younger focusing on 'the behavior' and not the person, to reading books by authors of color, to taking part in protests and discussing the reasons behind the Black Lives Matter movement. I don't always say the right things, but I'm committed to continuing to try. Ultimately, I hope they feel empowered to send a message, help someone and take actions for racial justice. One project we did recently was invite neighborhood families to design a racial justice sign. Kids (ages 8-14) picked out scrap pieces of wood at a local Makerspace (Sector67), then created a sign in Inkscape to match their piece of wood. We then uploaded their designs to either a laser cutter or wood carving CNC machine. The result were some very happy kids who took pride in their work for racial justice.

~ Laura McNeill