This toolkit is created as an effort to get people around WI engaged in the Black Lives Matter movement that has brought thousands of people into the streets to demand justice and liberation for black people.  The phrase black lives matter was coined by Alicia Garcia in the aftermath of Trayvon Martin's death at the hands of George Zimmerman, the white police officer who was not charged with killing this young black man, and has since been heard or seen by nearly everyone in the US and by many around the world.

It has become popularized in protests calling out police violence against black people from Michael Brown in Ferguson, to Eric Garner in NYC, Tamir Rice in Ohio, and Dontre Hamilton in Milwuakee.  In each of these cases white police officers have killed unarmed black men or children, and three of these cases so far have brought no charges to the police involved. 

Protests across the country have fueled a conversation about the need to address police violence against black people, and overall institutional racism that effects housing, education, employment, health, in all aspects of our lives in the US.

This toolkit is an effort to help people take action by way of conversation, protest, vigil, and education, moving ourselves, friends and neighbors from silence to action. 

We are holding a conference call to highlight some of the organizing happening in Madison and Milwaukee.  Coalition for Justice in Milwaukee has been working for justice for Dontre Hamilton.  You can find out more about them here:  Young Gifted and Black Coalition has been holding weekly actions since the Darren Wilson Non-Indictment for killing Michael Brown.  They are linking the struggles to a local effort against building a new or renovated jail and reducing racial disparities in incarceration:  We will also be hearing from Jennifer Epps Addison of Wisconsin Jobs Now about statewide organizing around state sanctioned violence:

Much of the information used is borrowed from other great resources that already exists and have done our best to given credit where credit is due.

Thank you,
Liz, Barb, Jake, Carl, John, Laura, Ann, Erika, Z!
Organizing committee 

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