2008/11/16:Obama must avoid advisors like Bush's - Lee Brown

Your Views: President Elect Obama - Obama must avoid advisors like Bush's
Wisconsin State Journal :: FORUM :: B1
Sunday, November 16, 2008

For me, Barack Obama being black is secondary to what he said as a presidential candidate. Obama gave me hope for a better future because he spoke about "a chance for change" and expressed concern about "our planet in peril."

The change Obama promised was nebulous, but his family connections in Kenya and Indonesia and his experience as a community organizer, law student, professor of constitutional Law and statesman convinced me that he would work with people around the world, bringing peace and mitigating global climate change.

But I worry that every day Obama receives the same security briefings from the U.S. intelligence service that President Bush does. In this process, is Obama being brainwashed to see the world as Bush does, with only military solutions to international problems?

To keep on the right track, Obama needs two additional daily briefings from Bill Richardson, about negotiations at the United Nations, and from Al Gore, about the climate change crisis. If that happens, I will again have hope for a better future under the leadership of Barack Obama, a president who happens to be black.

- Lee Brown, Madison