2008/08/29:A Warning For Uw Chancellor - John Murphy

A Warning For Uw Chancellor
Wisconsin State Journal :: OPINION :: A9
Friday, August 29, 2008
John Murphy, Madison

Sunday's State Journal editorial wished new UW Chancellor Biddy Martin well in her workings with the Wisconsin Legislature when she begins her new position. Here are a few warnings about the Legislature: The modern Republican Party, which controls the Assembly, is about reducing taxes for the wealthy and large corporations, so she shouldn't expect corporations to pay their fair share to support the UW System. Because the GOP mistrusts government and believes in the private sector running everything, they will continue their attempt to make the UW System more dependent on private funding.

It will be essential for Martin to show the Legislature and the public that UW education is best run and funded by government. She must convince the GOP, Wisconsin corporations and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce that business input in the UW System is essential, but they cannot "run the show."

If she views her job with these ideas in mind, UW students and faculty and Wisconsin's citizens and corporations will be in good shape for years to come.