2008/08/31:List of reasons for Obama victory grows - Midge Miller

List of reasons for Obama victory grows

Wisconsin State Journal


The Wisconsin election is too close to predict, but I am glad to write about why we need Barack Obama, and remind people that it is crucial for Obama to win Wisconsin if he is to become president.

Think about the wars of aggression and the torture that have shamed us before the world. Worry about the economic crisis, our environmental crisis or remember that gas was $1.46 a gallon before Bush invaded the Middle East. Consider the more than $400 billion deficit the Bush/Cheney administration is leaving for our children and grandchildren.

The list of reasons that we cannot risk a McCain presidency goes on and on. We cannot endure four more years of the same failed policies. We cannot risk having a president known for his hot temper and volatility in control of the nuclear button.

Fortunately, Obama brings a steady hand, a thoughtful mind and an inspiring voice to help guide us towards a saner, safer future. He needs us to work to elect him, and he will need the whole country working together to deal with the many problems facing our country and the world.

- Midge Miller, Madison