2008/08/30:Roys, O'neill Are Best For Assembly - Linda and Eugene Farley

Roys, O'neill Are Best For Assembly
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Saturday, August 30, 2008
Linda & Eugene Farley, Verona

Dear Editor: Though we live in Springdale and cannot vote for Kelda Helen Roys or Trish O'Neill, we urge all who live in their districts to vote for these two strong women candidates for the Assembly. We are retired family physicians, longtime activists for health care for all, believing that reform of our fragmented system can start in Wisconsin even before a national program materializes.

As a statewide director of a woman's health organization, Roys has helped push health-related bills through the Legislature, working with both sides of the aisle. She is a staunch and knowledgeable advocate of health care for all.

Trish O'Neill, a registered nurse for 22 years, wife of a family physician, tells many stories about very sick, uninsured people seeking health care, often too late. She has a long record of community activism and is past president of Columbus School Board.

Both these women not only speak with passion based on experience, but will work with great energy and commitment to accomplish the goal of health care security for all. Both these women also understand other large issues, the economy, education, campaign finance reform, etc., facing the Wisconsin Legislature. They will make things happen.

If you live in their districts, vote for Helen Roys and Trish O'Neill.