2008/08/29:Mistrust High For Mccain, Bush - John Murphy

Mistrust High For Mccain, Bush
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Friday, August 29, 2008
John Murphy, Madison

Dear Editor: Recent reports out of war-torn Iraq are that an accord may be near to pull U.S. troops out of that country by 2011. This is just more propaganda from the Bushies to defuse Iraq as an election issue and get McCain elected. Great plan by Karl Rove. Sign some sort of an accord and then break it after McCain gets elected.

Just this summer McCain and Bush said we cannot leave Iraq until we WIN. Well, we have NOT won so what are they? Just what they call everyone else: flip-floppers?

Mistrust for this administration and for McCain is so high that America will not be safe and secure until we have a President Obama who will level with America and tell the truth.