2008/09/10:Bush Administration Can Wreak Much Havoc In Four Remaining Months - Lee Brown

Bush Administration Can Wreak Much Havoc In Four Remaining Months
The Capital Times
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Lee Brown, Madison

Dear Editor: Can the United States survive "four more months" of the Bush/Cheney administration? Three recent international crises make me question that joyous chant at the Democratic National Convention.

First, instead of attending the Republican National Convention, Vice President Cheney visited Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine, further inflaming tensions with Russia, reviving the Cold War.

Second, on Sept. 3 helicopter-borne American Special Operations forces attacked al-Qaida militants in a Pakistani village near the border with Afghanistan in the first publicly acknowledged case of United States forces conducting a ground raid on Pakistani soil. This further complicates the U.S. relations with Pakistan, where the already unstable political situation worsened after the resignation last month of President Pervez Musharraf and a bold assassination attempt on their prime minister.

Finally, as if that were not enough, we read that North Korea is rebuilding its nuclear facility because the U.S. has not kept its promise to remove North Korea from U.S.'s terrorism sponsors list. Is the U.S. unable to follow through on its one diplomatic success?

Can we endure "four more months" of the Bush/Cheney administration that can, at one time, revive the Cold War, undercut the government of an ally, and fail to hold up its end of a diplomatic bargain?