2009/03/24:Save Janesville Gm Plant By Going Green - Dave Steffenson

Save Janesville Gm Plant By Going Green
Wisconsin State Journal :: OPINION :: A8
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here's an idea to re-open the Janesville General Motors plant: Expand Obama's "Green Economy" and put Janesville's unemployed workers back to work - all at the same time.

The new "Green Economy" will soon require expanding electric public transportation using alternate energy to drastically lower our dependence on petroleum-fueled cars and trucks.

Idea: Using some bailout loan money, GM could convert and expand the Janesville plant to build light rail locomotives, passenger rail coaches and hybrid or electric urban buses.

GM could also build locomotives and rolling stock for high-speed electric intercity rail networks, as well as new plug-in hybrid cars. Lack of diversity is part of what's killing GM, so here's a diversity plan for expanded profits.

Because GM deliberately bought, killed and scrapped our nation's huge inter-urban and urban commuter rail lines in the early 20th century, it would ironic justice to see them become part of the solution rather than a huge source of our economic and environmental crises.

- Dave Steffenson, Madison