Freedom.Inc Canvass in the communities most impacted by the results of Rittenhouse acquittal - Madison Nov 21

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We Keep Us Safe

Hello Freedom Inc. volunteers and supporters. Wishing you well this Sunday.

We’re sending love, ase, and solidarity to our community members following the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. His acquittal was not an act of justice and only further affirmed how flawed our justice system is, how disposable our people are to the US justice system, and how deeply Wisconsin, and the United States as a whole, is entrenched in white supremacy.

It is imperative that we quickly begin to take action to mobilize and care for our communities at this time. We are calling on all our volunteers who are able to join us today, Sunday 11/21 at 3:00 PM to canvass in the communities that are most impacted by the results of this acquittal. The address is 2110 Luann Lane in Madison. There will be a training session before the canvas begins.

We’ll see you soon! Email

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