Harvesting Our Heritage – online event hosted by Wisconsin Conservation Voters! Nov 22

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Mon. Nov. 22nd 6:30 pm Harvesting Our Heritage – online event hosted by Wisconsin Conservation Voters! Our traditional food sources have always been with us and are prevailing once again thanks to the efforts our panelists are contributing to. Speakers will explore the principles behind food sovereignty and the integrity of the traditional Indigenous diet. Attendees will learn about the significance of many of our traditional foods, the ways in which those foods continue to be used to this day, and how the current climate crisis impacts those food sources. Join us for a discusson with Jennifer Falk and Joel Greeno! Jennifer Falk operates Kahulahele Farmstead with her husband and daughter on the Oneida Reservation. On their farm they use restorative agriculture, micro food systems, conscious animal husbandry, and building resilience through bartering. Joel Greeno is a family farmer near Kendall WI, who also serves as the president of Family Farm Defenders, a grassroots organization that works to support farm and food worker rights, racial justice, and food sovereignty. FFD has been involved in many struggles to support indigenous rights over the years. To register visit: https://secure.everyaction.com/BZ54ZGAMEESD0un-7e75yw2?emci=d1fbfd29-b447-ec11-9820-c896653b26c8&emdi=6dddd092-d847-ec11-9820-c896653b26c8&ceid=224107


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