One Light, Many Candles Interfaith Service - Madison Nov 17

Event Dates: 

One Light, Many Candles Wednesday, Nov. 17, at 6:30 p.m. Orchard Ridge UCC Sanctuary 1501 Gilbert Rd., Madison WI   Imagine a world where we can listen to another's story of faith without judgment and understand that spiritual growth is often fostered by finding shared truths in our differences. That’s what Betty and Noel Paul Stookey set out to do in creating their program of word and music called One Light, Many Candles.

Madison-area musician Michael Bryant has added original musical compositions that will be performed along with some written by Noel. Phil Haslanger has added to the stories that Betty told. Madison-area people from a variety of faith traditions have added video segments with words that can unite us in a common spirit of love.

Come join us to explore our multi-faith world and then take the experience of it into your life.

The current COVID protocols for Orchard Ridge will apply that evening: a maximum of 75 in the sanctuary, surgical or N-95 face masks required, seats spread out. The program will also be live streamed on You Tube.


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Rabbi Bonnie Margulis
Executive Director
Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice