Dena Eakles has a Conversation with Jane Kavaloski about nonviolence, international peace work and F35's

Please take some time to listen to this week's WDRT 91.9 fm Driftless Community Radio show 'Conversations'. Dena Eakles of Echo Valley Hope has a regular "conversation" show on WDRT 91.1 in SW Wisconsin. This week she chose as her guest, Jane Kavaloski, a peace and justice advocate and active member of the WNPJ member group, Interfaith Peace Working Group. Jane shared highlights of her life's experiences and observations of the power of nonviolent resistance from her international work. They wrapped up their conversation talking about a 'postcard' - and the campaign to halt the deployment of F-35's to Wisconsin.

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Echo Valley Hope

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Interfaith Peace Working Group

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Background: If you are concerned about the F-35s coming to Wisconsin, please consider sending a postcard to Senator Tammy Baldwin identifying your concerns.  If you have already done that,  "Thanks!" ....and think of  other family and friends who might be interested in joining the “Postcard Campaign of Resistance Against the F-35s!" Here is the form to use when requesting these free postcards: