From the struggle for racial justice to healing the planet, a global nonviolent shift is needed more than ever.

As part of For Goodness Sake, a live online nonviolence training and webinar exploring the power of music in nonviolent movements will be hosted by Pace e Bene on Friday, August 20. Click here for more information.  On Saturday, August 21 enjoy music from around the world to support the movement for a culture of active nonviolence free from racism, poverty, environmental destruction, and war.

Register to attend Pace e Bene’s For Goodness Sake: Music for the Nonviolent Future, an online music festival featuring scores of artists and brief presentations on the power of nonviolent change.


Celebrate the power of music to change the world—and support the work of Pace e Bene, Campaign Nonviolence and over 30 local and national co-sponsors working on peace and nonviolence.

For goodness sake, the world has to change!

For goodness sake, the world can change!

For goodness sake, let's be the change!


The events are cosponsored by the WNPJ member group Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones   Contact: