Milwaukee Organizing Meeting on 'For the People Act'! June 16

Event Dates: 

Organizing meeting June 16, Wednesday at 6 pm - Deadline on 'For the People Act'!


That's right!

Every day we're getting closer  to a very real deadline to pass the For The People Act, and it is urgent that it passes! 

GOP legislatures nationwide are attacking our freedom to vote. They have begun writing laws that allow legislatures to decide who won the vote, not the real vote count. They are changing what happens legally AFTER the votes have been counted. We have to stop this; it is anti-democratic. It will  end democracy in the U.S.A.


This is why, from 6/28 to 7/10 (July Recess) there will be a mass mobilization across the country called Deadline for Democracy. The vote is fast approaching; we need people to know! And we need to DO SOMETHING IN MILWAUKEE SOON.

Confirm if you attended or are interested in doing an action, or both. This is an organizing meeting. Bring your ideas & we will decide!

Peace Action of WI