Protest Anti-Trans Laws in Wisconsin! June 16

Event Dates: 

The Wisconsin will be holding a floor vote on Assembly Bills 195 and 196 tomorrow, June 16th. These bills both seek to prevent trans and nonbinary from participating in school sports - from kindergarten to college - in alignment with their gender. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos pushed forward with this vote despite dozens of Wisconsin youth and adults spending the day in late May at three committee hearings about the harm these bills have had and will continue to have on the health, well-being, and inclusion trans and nonbinary youth. These bills are disappointing, dangerous, and unnecessary. They make all students less safe in our schools.


Join Fair Wisconsin and GSAFE and a statewide coalition on Wednesday from 12:00-2:00pm at the North Wing of the state capitol (N. Hamilton St. - near the Old Fashioned) for a demonstration of solidarity as we fight these harmful bills. Please bring signs and flags and other symbols of support!