DNR meeting about Metallic Sulfide Mining in WI June 23

Event Dates: 
There is a DNR/NRB meeting coming up on Wednesday June 23rd that is addressing changes to the four chapters of State Code that cover many aspects of metallic sulfide mining. Pro-mining lobby groups applauded the changes that the Natural Resources Board (NRB) made because the DNR and NRB handed them just about everything they wanted. The NRB works with these pro-mining groups outside of public view and this upcoming meeting may deal with additional features that the pro-mining groups wanted taken out of the rules.
The Public can supply written comments until June 16th. See line item "D" on the agenda that can be found at the website below. If you want your nearby State Natural Areas protected and reinstated in the rules now is the time to supply comments. If you feel it important to list the river you care about in the rules as "off-limits" to mining - now is the time to make that request.
Contact Dave Siebert from the DNR to see what changes the DNR/NRB are proposing.
Stay alert of what the NRB is doing to allow metallic sulfide mining everywhere in Wisconsin.
Public Participation Deadline: NRB Liaison receipt of your request to testify and/or written comment is 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, June 16, 2021.
D. Request that the Board consider legislative modifications to Board Order EA-14-18, proposed rules affecting chapters NR 130, 131, 132, and 182 related to nonferrous metallic mining activities (Written Comment Only)
(Dave Siebert, External Services Division Administrator)
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