Virtual public hearing on Roth Feeder Pig 2 June 10

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Important Action Needed on Roth Feeder Pig 2!


As part of the permitting process, there is a virtual public hearing on June 10, at 10am that we highly encourage ALL concerned citizens to attend. Register HERE. 


The DNR has drafted  a proposed permit for Roth Feeder Pig II, with a “tentative recommendation to approve.” But not all hope is lost! Action can still be taken to prevent this factory farm from expanding, or at a minimum, impose permit conditions that address some of our many concerns about this project. Members of the public have until June 17th to submit feedback on the proposed permit.


In November, more than 200 Crawford County residents formally requested that the DNR prepare an an Environmental Impact Statement  (EIS), but the DNR has yet to agree to conduct one. It appears the agency may consider their “integrated analysis” to be sufficient. The failure to adequately respond to the EIS request is only one of many deficiencies with this draft permit. Other deficiencies include:

No groundwater monitoring for manure spreading fields

A faulty claim that clay soils will have no issues with leaching at production site

Too many animal units for the number of acres (plus, largely rented acres, and extreme slopes)

Allowing separately permitted facilities to co-mingle manure

Failure to address groundwater quantity issues

The brief summary statements in themselves show the inadequacy of the environmental review process for a project of this scale in such a sensitive area


To stop this process from progressing, please write to or call the below people, asking for an EIS to be completed. 

Dave Siebert ( or 608-264-6048)

Brian Weigel ( or 608-225-4964)

Preston Cole ( or 608-267-7556)

Tyler Dix ( or 608-220-2096)


If you need any help or guidance on this situation, we welcome you to contact us.


Click here for additional information on the Roth Feeder Pig II permit application and the DNR permitting process

To view the proposed permit and fact sheet, click here


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