Forest Jahnke: State shouldn't let CAFO stink up Crawford County - Letter to the Editor Cap Times - Madison

Dear Editor: Please consider attending the June 10 virtual public hearing for the Roth Feeder Pig II factory farm expansion, Cartoon credit to KenStark - 2021 Richland Co, WI. 

and sharing why you think the DNR needs to re-evaluate rubber stamping the state’s largest hog CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) in Crawford County, one of the most beautiful, biodiverse, and sensitive areas of Wisconsin.

This Letter to the Editor was published in the Cap Times, Madison June 1, 2021:

The Wisconsin DNR has never denied a single permit for a factory farm CAFO. They also almost never conduct environmental impact statements. Why should Roth Feeder Pig’s proposed expansion be different?

First, if Roth Feeder Pig is granted, this expanded facility south of Steuben would become the largest hog CAFO in the state, creating over 12 million gallons of liquid manure every year. Second, the proposed location is a narrow karstic ridge (filled with caves, sinkholes, springs and other direct conduits to groundwater), overlooking a neighborhood along the Kickapoo River and wetlands of continental importance.

Finally, over 200 Crawford county residents and landowners requested that the DNR conduct a serious review of the potential impacts of this operation, a request supported by 48 organizations, including all local Farmers Union chapters.

We have heard a lot of talk from the governor and the Legislature over the last few years about clean water, public health and safety and returning science-based decision-making to our agencies. Now is the time for them to make good on their promises and do their due diligence.

Visit for details on these permits and how to register for the public hearing.

Forest Jahnke

Crawford Stewardship Project
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