Gaza Fights for Freedom | Virtual Screening + Discussion June 3

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Gaza Fights for Freedom | Virtual Screening + Discussion

Thursday, June 3 @ 7PM CT via Zoom

Palestinian resistance against Israel’s occupation and ethnic cleansing has sparked a new wave of international solidarity with the struggle to free Palestine. In an effort to continue to raise consciousness around this struggle, we invite you to join us for a film screening and discussion of Gaza Fights for Freedom! This documentary, filmed in Gaza by militant journalist Abby Martin of Empire Files, tells the story of the Great March of Return protests of 2018-19, where Palestinian protesters faced hyper-militarized police violence similar to that which Black Lives Matter protesters endured all throughout 2020.
After the screening, we will open up a Q&A for questions of our viewers to be answered by our guest panel.

Israel and its allies go to great lengths to distort and obscure their genocide from global attention. It is absolutely crucial to continue to amplify the Palestinian struggle for Liberation. The U.S. funnels billions of tax dollars to Israel, and Wisconsin contributes $57 million annually. While the US is directly funding the settler colonial ethnostate, Israel, we are told that things like universal healthcare and education are just too expensive.

Prison and police abolitionists in the US must understand the interconnected nature of the hyper militarized, over funded police system here and the Israeli Defense Forces, which train American police to deploy violent tactics of control. We must stand with Palestine and demand that the US immediately end all aid to Israel! Internationalism is key to the liberation of all oppressed and colonized people!
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Please note the film's run time is 1:24. You can follow our Facebook event page here for reminders.
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