Sign the Petition - prioritize human needs over militarism!

President Biden’s FY 2022 budget is scheduled to be released 5.28.21. In it, he is requesting $753 billion for the Pentagon, a $13 billion increase over Trump’s last budget!   The real work begins in Congress, however. Soon the Congressional debate will begin about where to actually allocate our taxpayer dollars. We need to take this moment to collectively call for their use on sorely underfunded human needs over more Pentagon bloat.

Today, I ask you to speak out against the billions of dollars allocated to the Pentagon year after year. We have an opportunity to reallocate funds from the Pentagon into healthcare, infrastructure, education, racial justice, sustainable energy programs, and so much more. Help us urge Congress to seize this important opportunity.

Please add your name to this petition to Congress today and urge them to prioritize human needs over militarism and endless Pentagon budget increases.

The U.S. spends more on its military than the next eleven countries combined. Such consistently massive military budgets have been funding wars and overseas operations that disproportionately target and harm people of color around the world — all while simultaneously eating up funding for critical programs here at home, which then takes a greater toll on communities of color.

Even as we face a historic pandemic and another economic crisis, President Biden requested that nearly half of the budget be spent on the military-industrial complex. He requested a whopping $13 billion more for the military than Trump did. This increase alone is 33% greater than the entire Center for Disease Control budget! Clearly, our priorities, and certainly our true security, are misplaced.

Demand your members of Congress speak out and vote against ever-growing Pentagon spending by adding your name to this petition today!

With talk of life returning to normal, we need to remind those in charge that “normal” didn’t work for many communities — communities marginalized by the status quo of endless revenue streams toward the Pentagon and simultaneous cuts to the critical programs that could offer change. Let’s make sure that the world we move toward as we rein in this pandemic is not one where few profit at the expense of many, but instead one in which Congress puts taxpayer dollars into the critical programs we need to help everyone thrive.

For peace and true security,

Lilly Dragnev
Peace Action

P.S. We’re currently at just over 35,000 total signatures. Add your name today, and be sure to forward it to your friends and colleagues to help us hit 50,000!