WISDOM 'ASK ' - make at least one phone call Thursday morning on the WI Budget!

Last Thursday the legislative Joint Finance Committee (JFC) received the last testimony from citizens about the 2021-23 State Budget.  Immediately after the comment period ended, the Republican members of the Committee - without even informing the Democratic members - released a huge list of items they intend to "remove from consideration."  Clearly, the list was prepared before they heard or reviewed the public comments.  The timing of the release gives the impression that they intended to make clear that they were not paying attention to the input from citizens and taxpayers.

Some of the many items the JFC intends to remove from consideration in one big motion on Thursday include:

  • Expansion of Medicaid
  • Drivers' licenses for undocumented people
  • Expansion of programs that would provide alternatives to revocation back to prison
  • The "raise the age" provision that would send 17 year-olds back to the juvenile system

Their list includes much more. To download the whole list, click HERE.

Today, we are asking WISDOM members and supporters to take action to let JFC members know that we are unhappy with their decision to summarily remove from consideration so many items from the state budget.  You can let them know if there are particular things you are concerned about.  Or, you can let them know that you are upset by the complete lack of transparency in the process.

The Joint Finance Committee intends to meet and to pass their omnibus motion on Thursday morning at 11:00 am.  We are asking each of you to call one or more members of the Joint Finance Committee Thursday morning at 10 am.  Ask them to slow down and re-consider this sweeping show of disregard for the people who believed there was meaning to their participation in the process the JFC itself established.  At the end of this email are the names, emails and phone numbers of the JFC members who are in the majority party.

If you would like to go to the Capitol in person, we invite you to join with many groups who will be showing up in person on Thursday morning about 10 am to express their unhappiness with the JFC.  On Friday morning, Mark Rice of EXPO will be among the speakers at a rally at St. Luke's Lutheran Church, 7337 Hubbard Avenue, Middleton.  If you are available, your presence there would also be appreciated.

Please, make at least one phone call Thursday morning.  Do not accept the excuse that they are "just removing policy that shouldn't be legislated through the budget."  All of these items have significant budget impacts.  And, the JFC is never hesitant to fund policy tweaks that they like.

Here are the Republican members of the Joint Finance Committee:

Representative Mark Born (Co-Chair)
(608) 266-2540

Senator Howard Marklein (Co-Chair)
(608) 266-0703

Senator Duey Stroebel
(608) 266-7513

Senator Dale Kooyenga
(608) 266-2512

Senator Mary Felzkowski
(608) 266-2509

Senator Kathleen Bernier
(608) 266-7511

Senator Joan Ballweg
(608) 266-0751

Representative Amy Loudenbeck
(608) 266-9967

Representative Terry Katsma
(608) 266-0656

Representative Shannon Zimmerman
(608) 266-1526

Representative Jessie Rodriguez
(608) 266-0610

Representative Tony Kurtz
(608) 266-8531


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