We Are the Village MKE - 365 Day Celebration - Milwaukee May 29

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Greetings, We are The People’s Revolution!



We believe that all lives can't matter until Black lives matter.

We fight for a world that provides safety and accountability for Black and Brown People - a world where we can all trust and confide in those tasked with representing and protecting us. We fight for the families of those slain by law enforcement and oppressed by the systems that allow these deaths to go unpunished. Our goals and beliefs are reflected in The People's Demands and we call on all levels of government to adopt these demands.

For the last eleven months we have tenaciously and tirelessly fought for change, achieved goals, and gave back to our community. We are nearing our 365th day with no end in sight in our fight for justice. On Saturday May 29th we will be hosting a community event celebrating our first year anniversary; arts, music and food will be available to everyone in the community. To make this possible we are asking for your help by donating in-kind donations or sponsoring the event, below is a list of items needed for the event:

Catered food 

Pre packaged food

Vegetable Trays 

Fruit Trays

Raw Meat (hamburger patties, ground beef, hot dogs, sausages, brats, chicken, etc.)

Breads (hamburger buns, hot dog buns, sliced bread, etc.)

Sliced Cheese & Nacho Cheese

Toppings and Produce (bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, jalapenos, etc.)

Sides (fries, mash potatoes, baked potatoes, mac & cheese, chips, etc.)

Beverages (water, gatorade, juices, soda, etc.)

Desserts (365th TPR celebration cake, cookies, ice cream, candies, etc.)

Plastic plates, bowls, napkins & cutlery 

Equipment (grills, food warmers, tables, chafing dishes, wicker fuel, etc.)

PPE Gear (gloves, mask, hand sanitizer, sanitizing equipment, etc.)

Social Media Promotion

If you, your organization or company is interested in donating or sponsoring the event please contact us, contact info is below. Thank you for your time! We hope to hear from you soon!

Sincerely your’s,

The People’s Revolution 


Contact Info to learn more about the May 29th event:


We Are the Village MKE -

Darmi Rosado Rivera

414-499-0736 Text