100 Days and more must be done.....

President Biden gave his first joint address to Congress on the heels of his administration's first 100 days in office, emphasizing achievements made and work to come.

And while this administration has made progress in the face of a monumental task – undoing the vast harms of Trump, while addressing COVID-19 and a nationwide reckoning with systemic racism – more still must be done to truly achieve justice and equality for all.

Below are a few key issues that the ACLU and dedicated activists like you have been pushing for since day one. For each, you'll find a quick snapshot on where this administration has made progress, where we must continue applying pressure, and immediate action you can take.

Criminal Justice

Progress made: The administration successfully directed the Justice Department not to renew contracts with federal, privately-operated prisons.

Work still needed: The government must now end the war on drugs, grant mass clemencies, end the federal death penalty, and protect Black lives by reducing the role of police in communities.

→ Take Action: Alternatives to Racist Policing Institutions Now

Immigrants' Rights

Progress made: The administration rescinded the Muslim ban and renewed DACA, among other important actions impacting immigrants' rights.

Work still needed: Biden-Harris must reunite every family torn apart by Trump's cruel family separation policy and provide restitution and care – including a pathway to citizenship – as well as rebuild our asylum system and dismantle the deportation and detention machine.

→ Take Action: Reunite Separated Families and Provide Relief

LGBTQ Rights

Progress made: Trump's transgender military ban was repealed, and the Supreme Court's decision in Bostock v. Clayton County is again being followed to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination.

Work still needed: As state-level attacks on trans youth continue, the federal government must do all it can to affirm that trans youth belong in our country by issuing an executive order for accurate federal IDs for trans and non-binary people.

→ Take Action: Accurate IDs for All

Reproductive Freedom

Progress made: The Biden administration reversed Trump's "global gag rule" and issued a rule to restore the Title X family planning program. The FDA also suspended a harmful restriction on medication abortion, enabling people to safely access care during the pandemic.

Work still needed: States continue to be at the center of the fight over abortion, but the right to abortion shouldn't depend on where you live. It's time to end the Hyde Amendment – a discriminatory ban on abortion coverage – and permanently lift unnecessary federal restrictions on medication abortion.

→ Take Action: Tell Biden to End the Hyde Amendment Now

Racial Justice

Progress made: Biden issued an executive order increasing access to the ballot box for eligible people that are incarcerated and ended Trump-era attacks on government-sponsored racial and gender equity training.

Work still needed: It's going to take bold measures to truly address America's legacy of systemic discrimination. Biden-Harris can start by working with Congress and the FCC to ensure broadband access for all, by permanently extending the expanded child tax credit, and by forgiving $50K in student loan debt per eligible borrower, which disproportionately burdens people of color – all priorities of our Systemic Equality agenda.

→ Take Action: Cancel Student Debt: $50K For Every Borrower

Friend Of ACLU, these urgent priorities are not a full list of everything done in the first 100 days – or of every issue that still must be addressed in the work ahead.

But each day that passes without action is a day of families still torn apart or traumatized by cruel immigration policies, of lives swallowed by racist policing systems, and of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color contending with systemic racism.

That's why it's up to all of us to continue pushing for a country where "we the people" truly means everyone – and we at the ACLU will not stop fighting until it does.

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