Farms, Factories, and the Future June 5

Event Dates: 

Farms, Factories, and the Future
June 5, 1:00-5:00pm

Crawford Stewardship Project, Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network, Socially Responsible Ag Project, and many more allies will be co-sponsoring a virtual public forum on the direction of agriculture.
- Hear and inquire about Crawford County’s experience with a CAFO, proposed expansions, regulations, and lessons learned
- Engage with a panel of sustainable and regenerative farmers and experts about resilient pathways forward for agriculture

- Network and strategize with a panel of community organizers from across the Midwest


For the regenerative & sustainable ag panel:

Vance Haugen  (former UW Extension Ag Educator, grazier)
Wil Crombie  (Savannah Institute)
Dani Heisler  (Tainter Creek Farmer Led Watershed Council)
Scott Mericka  (dairy grazier - Grass Dairy)
Mike Mueller  (farmer, Driftless Back to the Land Pasture Pork Cooperative)
Chris Petersen (Farmers Union, Iowa Hog farmer)

For our organizing & strategy panel we have:

John Ikerd (food systems author & thought leader)
Tony Wilkin-Gibart (Midwest Environmental Advocates)
Bill Hogseth (WI Farmers Union)
Lynn Henning (Socially Responsible Ag Project)
Karen Hudson (IL Coalition for Clean Air and Water)
Tom Mortensen (Central Sands)
Lisa Doerr (Polk/Burnett)
Jim Goodman (Family Farm Defenders & Via Campesina)
Christina Anderson (WI Land & Water)
Keith Bancroft (Kewaunee Co)

If you have not yet registered, please do so HERE or call the UW Extension office to register by phone: 608-326-0223

Jessica Spayde (Crawford Co UW Extension) will be helping make the technical end of things flow well.

We ask that you reach out to us ASAP if any of you have any potential issues with zoom technology or questions about the logistics. Contact & Or you can reach out to me over the phone at 608-632-2183.  Cross-promotion:

If you're on the platform, please share the Facebook Event Page or pass along the information from CSP's website

I hope this finds you all well, and look forward to co-creating an awesome event with all of you! Thank you all for your willingness and solidarity.

Event Breakdown:

The event goes from 1-5pm, on June 5th via Zoom. 

Each of our discussion segments will last roughly one hour, with some flexibility, with ten minute breaks between.

(1:00) Start recording

Forest Jahnke will welcome and offer a brief land acknowledgment, framing and overview.

(1:10) Crawford County experience with its first CAFO, new expansion, & industry plans for growth in rural WI

Forest Jahnke will lay out the context, Steve Oberle will cover nutrient management analysis and prospects, and Adam Voskuil will help describe current processes and developments.

(2:10) 10 minute break

(2:20) Sustainable/Regenerative Ag Panel

Introductions (5 min each) - who, where, and brief description of experience in food system

- what is the root of the problem?

- solutions you've experienced & their benefits

- Audience Qs

- what is needed for wholesale transition so ag becomes a solution to the many issues we face? How can farmers lead? How can communities support?

(3:20) 10 minute break

(3:30) Organizing/Strategy Panel

- What rural communities need & what rural communities want for our future?

- Roadblocks to making progress? What do we need from our governments?

 - Audience Qs

- What can we all do? As residents & citizens, as consumers & producers, and as part of shared watersheds on a shared living/dying planet?

(4:30) Wrap-up


Our 21 Co-sponsors:

Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network
Socially Responsible Agricultural Project
Midwest Environmental Advocates
Wisconsin Trout Unlimited
Trout Unlimited, Driftless Area Restoration Effort
Trout Unlimited, Harry and Laura Nohr Chapter
Wisconsin Farmers Union, Vernon/Crawford Chapter
Wisconsin Farmers Union, Sterling-Crawford Local Chapter
Wisconsin Farmers Union, Grant/Iowa Chapter
Family Farm Defenders
Coulee Region Sierra Club
Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice
Food and Water Watch
Crawford Stewardship Project
Grant County Rural Stewardship
Richland Stewardship Project
Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger
Save Our Unique Lands of Wisconsin
Save The Hills Alliance
Citizens’ Water Coalition of Wisconsin
Friends of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway
For more information, contact: