Another Road to Doomsday: Planetary Biocide - Milwaukee April 13

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350 Milwaukee Meeting
Tuesday, April 13, 2021 7 - 8:30pm
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Another Road to Doomsday: Planetary Biocide
2021 State of the Planet
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George Stone, Professor Emeritus of Natural Science

Humans are making Earth a broken and increasingly unlivable planet through climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. So the world must make dramatic changes to society, economics and daily life, a new United Nations report says.

“Our children and their children will inherit a world of extreme weather events, sea level rise, a drastic loss of plants and animals, food and water insecurity and increasing likelihood of future pandemics,” said report lead author Sir Robert Watson, who has chaired past UN science reports on climate change and biodiversity loss.

UN: Huge changes in society needed to keep nature, Earth OK
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