Stand for a Livable Climate, Milwaukee April 16

Event Dates: 

Stand for a Livable Climate

Friday, April 16, 2021 12:00 - 1:00 pm

We believe there can be a future for the next generations and Justice for Native People

CHASE AND WELLS FARGO BANKS Water St & Wells St - Milwaukee



Wells Fargo has the third most fossil fuel investments of all banks in the world, and is a lead financier of the tar sands industry.


 Add your voice to the growing demand to banks like Chase, Citi, Bank of America and TD Bank to STOP financing Line 3.

Send a direct email to CEOs now to demand that they stop funding the toxic Line 3 pipeline. Your email will go directly to the inboxes of CEOs, executives, and Board members of the banks funding Line 3.

Frontline Dakota Access and Line 3 pipeline youth and organizers are heading to D.C. Our demand is clear. Joe Biden, it's time to #BuildBackFossilFree-- shutdown DAPL and Stop Line 3. For too long, Indigenous communities have been forced to bear the burden of society's addiction to fossil fuels and the devastating impacts on our land, sky, and water. It's time to honor our treaties that have been ignored and shut down DAPL and stop Line 3. #FrontlinesToDC #FrontlinesSaveLives

Send a letter to President Joe Biden (goes to the White House directly) asking him to #StopLine3.

You can share your own story why Biden needs to Stop Line 3 now securely and safely.

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