Caravan for a Just Budget! Milwaukee to Whitewater April 9

Event Dates: 

All Hands On Deck!

Wisconsin legislators will soon pass a two-year budget for how we will spend our state’s money for the next two years. Now is the time to build a united movement for justice. We must unite and make sure that ALL justice needs are addressed in this budget - Justice can't wait!


Caravan for a Just Budget!

Milwaukee to Whitewater


Friday, April 9th– 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM – Join us for any part or the first In-person Joint Finance Committee Budget Hearings (and the only one near Milwaukee.) Caravan there with us or meet us there. 

Given the pandemic, we cannot encourage people to make their statements indoors. Each person will have to make that decision for themselves. We do encourage you to join us outdoors and help us raise awareness in every way that we can - Justice can't wait!


Our schedule:

  • 8:15 AM – Meet at Employ Milwaukee, 2342 N. 27th St. – We will decorate our vehicles.
  • 8:45 AM – Depart for UW Whitewater - Irvin L. Young Auditorium, 930 W. Main St.
  • 10:00 AM – Arrive at UW Whitewater
  • 10:30 or so – Just Budget Press Conference at the Unity Mobile!
The rest of the day, we will be there providing information and working to raise our united voice to make sure that Justice makes it into our state budget.


  • Wisconsin needs a budget that puts the needs of our people before the greed of corporations and the ultra-rich. We need fair taxation!
  • We need adequate funding for schools, criminal justice reform, environmental justice, affordable healthcare, rational gun laws, worker justice for all workers, housing justice, green union jobs, and more.

  • There is more money available - We need to accept the $1.6 BILLION in Federal dollars by expanding Badger care and insuring over 90,000 new Wisconsinites. We need to legalize and tax marijuana and stop the mass incarceration of marijuana users and increase our state revenues.


Join the "People's Speak-out for a Just Budget" with justice-promoting organizations outside while the hearings are going on inside for much of the day.


We will be offering information about how you can get your message to your legislators as well as opportunities to make your own video testimony to share with lawmakers and, if you wish, the world.

For more information, call Tim at 608-630-3633.


In Solidarity for Justice,

Tim Cordon 


Building Unity