‘Build Back Fossil Free Week of Action’ with 350.org

April 1st was the 350 Madison kickoff of the ‘Build Back Fossil Free Week of Action’. Along with over 200 groups 
across the country, we're telling President Biden that to 'Build Back Better,' we need to #BuildBackFossilFree. 
We're demanding that the Biden administration take immediate action to stop Enbridge's Line 3 pipeline and all 
fossil fuel projects, so we can make a just transition to renewable energy and ensure that we ALL have a safe 
climate, economic security, and clean air and water. 
Watch the dance video “Love Song to the Earth: Stop Line 3,” with powerful footage of Indigenous-led resistance to Line 3.
View a video of the afternoon's April "Fuels" Day press conference starring "Enbridge" corporate staff and the iconic Enbridge Octopus.
Sign the petition to President Biden requesting executive action to end the era of fossil fuels, protect communities reeling from the climate and COVID-19 crises, and #BuildBackFossilFree.
Checkout StopLine3.org for more actions you can take!
Recharge. Rebuild. Reconnect. Register for the free Global Just Recovery Gathering, April 9-11.
350 Madison has a powerful history of resisting tar sands pipelines in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest. 
From our campaign to Stop Line 5 in northern Wisconsin, to our support for Water Protectors fighting Line 3 in 
Minnesota, our activists are working hard to ensure a just transition away from fossil fuels to a sustainable 
future powered by clean, renewable energy. Learn more about our Tar Sands Campaign.
To learn more, contact: office@350madison.org