Restore Our Earth - Equitable Inergy Investment April 14

Event Dates: 
Wed. April 14th - 6:30 pm  Restore Our Earth - Equitable Inergy Investment
What do we mean when we say “build back better”? What are Michigan, Wisconsin, and our federal government doing to create a just, healthy, and green economy? How can we invest in our communities - especially those disproportionately impacted by environmental injustice and the COVID-19 pandemic - to provide clean energy and transportation, create green jobs, and build a sustainable and healthy economy?
Joining us for this discussion will be the following amazing speakers:
1) Donele Wilkins - President and CEO, Green Door Initiative
2) Andrew Sarpolis - Beyond Coal Organizer, Sierra Club
3) Derrell Slaughter, MI Clean Energy Advocate, Natural Resource Defense Council
4) Huda Alkaff, Founder and Director, Wisconsin Green Muslims
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