Prisons Make Us Safer and Twenty Other MythsAbout Mass Incarceration April 9

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Fri. April 9th 7:00 pm Prisons Make Us Safer and Twenty Other MythsAbout Mass Incarceration – online book event with author, Victoria Law, in conversation with investigative journalist, Bill Lueders. Hosted by the Progressive Magazine and A Room of One’s Own Bookstore. In her latest book, Law explains how racism was the catalyst for mass incarceration and has continued to be its driving force: from the post-Civil War laws that states passed to imprison former slaves, to the laws passed under the “War Against Drugs” campaign that disproportionately imprison Black people. She breaks down these complicated issues into four main parts: the rise and cause of mass incarceration; myths about prison; misconceptions about incarcerated people; and how to end mass incarceration. For more info and login details, visit:


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