Madison Kickoff of the Build Back Fossil Free Week of Action! April 1

Event Dates: 

Please join us this Thursday, April 1 at 7pm for the Madison Kickoff of the Build Back Fossil Free Week of Action! 

This 30-minute virtual event is destined to make history.  There is strength in numbers, and all across the country people will be taking action to save our climate. We’ll use easy and impactful ways to tell President Biden that we must #BuildBackFossilFree.  Our particular focus will be on demanding a stop to the construction of Enbridge's Line 3, the expansion of which would desecrate the land, waters and cultures of Indigenous communities of northern Minnesota.  It would also lead to a new pipeline through Wisconsin! 

Let’s rise up together and call for an end to fossil fuel production and its resulting climate and community devastation.

Oh, have we mentioned the world premiere of the new "Love Song to the Earth: #StopLine3 video?"

You’ll be able to catch it here, at this event! If you saw the first version our Art Collective made for Get Out the Vote, you know how moving this dance and music video was.

Now we have remastered it with powerful footage of the Indigenous led resistance to Enbridge's Line 3, and we know you'll want to share it widely.



Finally, rumor has it...

...that we may be able to obtain coverage of a first-time-ever-in-the-U.S. press conference given by the “CEO of Enbridge,” Oiliver Spilsalot, and his minions.  We’ve heard, through the grapevine, that they plan to reveal some significant developments, which they feel confident will inspire people in the Upper Midwest to burn more fossil fuel.  Our people in the field are working hard at making the contacts and connections we’ll need to get this coverage, so here’s hoping…!

The link to the 350 Madison Facebook event is here, so please invite your friends!  This will be a half hour well spent! If you'd like to learn how you could be a part of the 350 Madison Art Collective's next creative venture, contact Russ Bennett at


the members of the 350 Madison Art Collective