Women Working to Change our Money’s Intent – online discussion hosted by An Economy of Our Own (AEOO) March 29

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Mon. March 29th 7:00 pm Women Working to Change our Money’s Intent – online discussion hosted by An Economy of Our Own (AEOO) Where does our money come from? And what are our real American values? If Wall Street and Silicon Valley have more billionaires than ever, how come Main Street’s people are living from paycheck to paycheck—and that’s if they’re lucky?! What is the nature of the currency we call the dollar? And how can we invest our privately earned dollars and our shared public dollars more wisely for the long term? What does the Robinhood GameStop story in the news tell us about the money systems we all count on, but that treats us very differently if we’re Black, brown, or female?

Join us to learn how women are working now to more clearly explain our current money world, including the Federal Reserve, and working to change our money’s intent—not to enrich just a few winners at the cost of mostly losers, but to grant all of us a livable future. Panelists include: Ebony L. Perkins, Director of Investor Relations at Self-Help Credit Union in Durham, NC; Ellen Hodgson Brown, founder and current chair of the Public Banking Institute in 2010 and author of numerous books on this subject; Mary Sanderson has worked as a Wisconsin farmer, explorer, postal worker, peace & justice advocate, and mom, while also serving on WILPF’s Women, Money & Democracy Committee and the board of Alliance for Just Money (AFJM); and Adrienne Massanari, Associate Professor of Communication at the Univ. of IL – Chicago with research focused on new media, digital cultures, platform politics, gender, and ethics. To register and receive login details visit:


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