Sign On! Support Sustainable Ag and a Real Climate Solutions: Oppose Growing Climate Solutions Act

As Congress begins to discuss ways to address the climate crisis,  fossil fuel interests are teaming up with Big Ag to push carbon offsets as a “solution” to the climate crisis and a boom for US farmers.

In reality, these offset schemes are little more than a scheme to prop up factory farms, increase pollution in environmental justice communities and continue our reliance on fossil fuels.

 Join us in opposing offset schemes:

 We soon expect the reintroduction of the Growing Climate Solutions Act of 2021, legislation that will lay the groundwork for a national carbon offset program by creating a network of US Department of Agriculture certified 3rd party carbon offset verifiers. These verified credits could be purchased by power plants, refineries, and other polluters, which will use them to offset their emissions instead of reducing and eliminating pollution. The previous version of the legislation is here:

 We worked collaboratively with over a dozen organization representing farmers, front line communities, people of faith, businesses, consumers and more to draft this letter that takes a strong stand against this climate scam, and call for polices that will support sustainable farming and a transition off fossil fuels.

Sign on! Support Sustainable Ag and a Real Climate Solutions: Oppose Growing Climate Solutions Act

John E. Peck Executive Director Family Farm Defenders, P.O. Box 1772, Madison, WI 53701 tel./fax. 608-260-0900