A webinar to discuss the Wisconsin State Budget, and Voter suppression bills March 22

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Wisconsin Budget Informational Webinar

What? A webinar to discuss the Wisconsin State Budget, and Voter suppression bills.

When? Monday March 22nd 7:00pm-8:30pm

Where? Zoom and FaceBook Live via the WIVEC FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/WIinterfaithvoterengagementcampaign

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The Wisconsin Interfaith Voter Engagement Campaign will be hosting a webinar to discuss the voting-related items in the Wisconsin state budget as well as voter suppression bills being passed around in Wisconsin legislature.

Matt Rothschild from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign will be the featured speaker, and below is a biography featured on his organizations website: https://www.wisdc.org/about-us/staff-biographies/5986-matthew-rothschild-executive-director


Matt Rothschild Introduction

"Prior to joining the Democracy Campaign at the start of 2015, Matt worked at The Progressive magazine for 32 years. For most of those, he was the editor and publisher of The Progressive. While there, he wrote a book entitled You Have No Rights: Stories of America in an Age of Repression. And he edited an anthology called Democracy in Print: The Best of The Progressive, 1909-2009. His opinion pieces have run in the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, the Miami Herald and a host of other newspapers. And he’s appeared on Nightline, NPR, C-SPAN and WISC-TV, where he does election night commentary. If you live in Wisconsin, you may have heard him on The Devils Advocates, WOJB, WORT or Wisconsin Public Radio. Matt's first job out of college was working for Ralph Nader at a publication called Multinational Monitor. A birdwatcher, he lives with his wife Jean in the Town of Dunn."

Webinar Content Introduction

Below is just the surface of information that will be discussed on the 22nd:

Some of the voting related items in the budget are as follows:
-Requiring the Wisconsin Elections Commission to work with the Department of Transportation to begin
automatic voter registration, and that the commission facilitate the initial registration of all eligible electors
as soon as practicable;
-About $500K which is basically a rounding error in terms of the overall budget but very important
-Expanding the period for in-person absentee voting (aka early voting);
-Allowing a county or municipal clerk to canvass absentee ballots on the day before an election
-Requires UW-System and WTCS to issue ID cards that meet voter identification requirements;
-Restores previous residency requirements to 10 days prior to an election;

The three bills being passed around would increase the barriers for indefinitely confined voters. They include provisions requiring indefinitely confined voters to make a statement under oath affirming their confinement. Indefinitely confined voters under 65 would also require a doctor's note to confirm indefinite confinement. The bills also stop nursing home employees from encouraging residents to vote, and force the voters themselves to request a new absentee ballot for each election.


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