Global Days of Action on Military Spending Protest - Milw April 10

Event Dates: 

Global Days of Action on Military Spending Protest

Saturday, April 10, 2021, Noon- 1 PM CT


US Army Reserve Drill Center 4850 W Silver Spring Dr, Milwaukee, WI 

 Barbara Lee  concerning wasteful Pentagon spending and supporting cuts to the bloated defense budget:

Whereas Pentagon spending since 9/11 adjusted for inflation has increased by almost 50 percent; Whereas the United States has spent an estimated $6,000,000,000,000 on military operations since September 11, 2001, and has been at war constantly since then; 

Whereas the Pentagon’s budget in fiscal year 2020 totaled $738,000,000,000, including for base and Overseas Contingency Operations; 

 Whereas while Pentagon spending continues to rise, spending on diplomacy has stalled or been reduced, resulting in an overreliance on military action and insufficient use of diplomatic and other nonmilitary tools; 

Whereas only one-third of discretionary spending is available for important domestic priorities that help reduce poverty and inequality, including public health, education, housing, energy, diplomacy, and others;   

  Whereas every hour taxpayers are paying $32,080,000 for total cost of wars since 2001, and these endless wars have not made Americans safer or brought democracy or stability to the Middle East, indeed they have further destabilized the region and show no sign of actually ending or achieving any of the long-ago stated goals;  

  Whereas the United States could save an estimated $350,000,000,000 per year by cutting defense spending on our endless wars and by cutting unnecessary and wasteful defense spending and would still be spending more on the military than China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea combined;   

It’s time to end $1 trillion a year being spent on wars and the military, and for reductions in the Pentagon’s $2 trillion plan to upgrade the U.S. nuclear arsenal and its delivery systems,  and not to spend $100 billion to replace U.S. first strike and vulnerable land-based ICBM’s, now called Ground based Strategic Deterrents.

Barbara Lee and Mark Pocan have a new and growing Congressional Defense Spending Reductions Caucus, committed to cutting at least 10% of the Pentagon’s budget.