THE COLD WAR TRUTH COMMISSION: A Day of Education, Testimonials & Action March 21

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Witness For Peace Southwest, CODEPINK & Addicted To War invite you to join:
A Day of Education, Testimonials & Action

Come spend the day with us while we put the COLD WAR on TRIAL!

This Sunday, March 21st

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For More Information Contact Rachel: – 310-971-8280 or Frank at: –

Scholars & Citizen Testimonials Will Help Us Learn The History of The Cold War & Its Relevance To U.S. Political Corruption & To Today’s Global Chaos.

IN-PERSON or PRE-RECORDED TESTIMONY on: CIA-backed Global Interventions of The Cold War; McCarthyism and the crushing of labor and the left in the U.S.; the Cold War Nuclear Legacy; Hollywood and the Blacklist; the “Red Scare” of the 1930’s; and the red-baiting of social activists as far back as 1850!

“I think it’s a great idea! Ideologically, it's right on”. – Oliver Stone on The Cold War Truth Commission

Hosted by Kathy Kelly, Rachel Bruhnke of Witness For Peace Southwest, and Frank Dorrel of ADDICTED To WAR

Endorsed by: CODEPINK, WORLD BEYOND WAR, ROOTSACTION, KPFK 90.7 FM Radio, Veterans For Peace, CovertAction Magazine, Media Freedom Foundation, Project Censored, PeaceWorkers, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power In Space, School of The Americas Watch, Harriet Tubman Center For Social Justice, Anti-Racist Action, COVID-19 Global Solidarity Coalition and ADDICTED To WAR

ZOOM Tech Support from Mary Miller and Emily Dorrel - Both of CODEPINK

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