Join CCL's virtual lobby team on March 25th

Event Dates: 

Join CCL's  virtual lobby team on March 25th to present our case to Gwen Moore’s  Environmental Aide.  For details - contact: Walt Ebersohl ( in the CCL office. 

The Milwaukee chapter of an international organization, Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL),, invites your organization to consider endorsing a bill that would effectively address the climate crisis.  

As you know, indigenous peoples, urban people of color and low-income communities bear disproportionate burdens due to our changing climate.  African Americans residing in the central city, for example, have smaller carbon footprints and yet live in large areas with impervious surfaces thereby bearing a disproportionate burden of the effect of climate change.  

The mission statement of our organization, Citizens Climate Lobby “exists to create the political will for climate solutions by enabling individual breakthroughs in the exercise of personal and political power.” During the last session of congress, a bipartisan bill which CCL supports, was introduced into the House of Representatives proposing a price on carbon, the revenue of which would be shared as a dividend with the general population. Low- and middle-income households would benefit more because they tend to use less fossil fuels. (  

Reduction of asthma, improved air quality, better health outcomes are the benefits of enacting this type of legislation. We expect Representative Deutch (D-FL) will reintroduce this bill or one similar soon in this Congressional term.  

Because numerous scientists and economists have proven that this proposed legislation would reduce the use of fossil fuels and lower carbon pollution, we urge you to join us in supporting the bill. You are invited to choose one or both of the following actions: 

Endorse the bill ( 

Draft a letter to Representative Gwen Moore of WI indicating your support of The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act and send the letter to Walt Ebersohl (, our official liaison to her office.

For an even more immediate and exciting opportunity, you are welcome to join our virtual lobby team on March 25th to present our case to Gwen Moore’s  Environmental Aide.  

Questions? Contact Suzanne Moynihan 

Citizens Climate Lobby Volunteer; 262-226-9195.  

This group is a member organization of WNPJ - and we have endorsed this bill.