Bolivia, Recovering from COVID and the Coup March 3

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Bolivia, Recovering from COVID and the Coup

March 3 @ 6:00 PM CT

Since Luis Arce became president on November 2020 the country is faced with a “double crisis” of COVID-19 and economic recession, exacerbated by the failed and, what some local activists call, the “genocidal” policies of the coup government.

The economy is expected to contract by 7.3 percent in 2020, and poverty is expected to increase by near nine percentage points, from 22 to 31 percent.

In recent weeks Bolivia has been hit by a fierce second wave of the virus that has brought its hospitals and cemeteries to the point of collapse. The country also has one of the lowest rates of vaccination in the world because the coup government failed to secure timely delivery of the vaccine.

After securing a deal with China to buy 400,000 doses and receive another 100,000 doses in donation, President Arce declared “We now see light at the end of the tunnel as the government will start mass vaccination in the end of February”.  Bolivia also signed agreements with Russia for its Sputnik V vaccine and with India’s Serum Institute for the AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 shot.

Join us to learn about Bolivia’s struggle to recover from the nightmare of the November 2019 coup as well as discuss recent regional political events.


Adriana Guzman Arroyo is a leader of the Anti-Patriarchal Communitarian Feminism in Bolivia. She will speak with us from La Paz.

Leonardo Flores is a Latin American policy expert and campaigner with CodePink.


Kevin Young, Professor of History at UMASS Amherst. He is the author of the book “Blood of the Earth: Resource Nationalism, Revolution, and Empire in Bolivia” (2017)

Sponsoring organizations: Latin America Solidarity Coalition of Western Massachusetts and the Latin America Working Group of MAPA

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